Materials I Use

Different commissions require different materials. I'll work with you to select the best option to fit your functional need and budget, as well as the artistic vision you hope to achieve.


"Chalk" Markers

I'm often asked, "How do you keep the chalk from rubbing off?" The answer: I usually don't use chalk! My primary medium is a matte marker. These markers are water wipeable or semi-permanent, with bright, opaque colors. They are not suitable for long sunlight exposure or outdoor use.

Real chalk is fragile and temporary, but for the right job, it can look stunning!

Lindsay and Casey_1325.jpg

Acrylic/Oil Markers

For small permanent lettering or lettering on glass, I use acrylic or oil markers. Similar to chalk markers in opaqueness, these markers have a satin finish and are not water or ammonia solvable. They're great for interior surfaces that require periodic cleaning and don't scratch off glass surfaces like the geode pictured.



For exterior artwork or large interior artwork, I use latex or enamel paint. Paint holds up for years against UV exposure and washing. The color options with paint are also more extensive than with markers.